Friday, September 2, 2011

a walk to remember :)

the super duper sweetest romantic love movie ever watched.
watching it like 10 times pun, never gets boring.
it is authentically loveable. try it guys. :)

i'm looking double-forward to it. anyone nak teman...??

Thursday, June 30, 2011

It’s not about how you fall, but it is how you stand and rise again that matter most. :)

A friend of mine once said this ‘never explain urself. People who love u don’t need it and people who hate u won’t believe it.’ That is so true. Kan kan? Why should we bother to justify ourselves to others as no one knows ourselves better than we do. So, leave them aside and leave up ur life. Faking urself n wearing masks all the times make u an unjustifiable person. Masks need make-ups to beautify them, n there when u have to create bluffs and hiding the real things. Don’t ya? never trouble yourself of behave like someone that is soo not u lah! Life isn’t every second riding up ur fame, placing ur nose up into the air. Sometimes, we need to fall and learn how to land safely. Rise again n learn how to fly swiftly chasing after ur dreams. It doesn’t matter much of how n why u fall, the thing is u have to be always ready to face hurdles in life. Some even wish of having baby times throughout life, free from problems and conflicts. Cry cry and cry, which is so not maturing. :) make mistakes, learn and improve. That’s how life should passes on. Be someone beneficial to life. Be a person of reliance for others, that’s cool lah! There are people who tend to easily giving up efforts in life, when things happened are not accordingly what they wanted. Patience is virtue love, have faith that our Most Knowing Allah has fated things beautifully for us. He may not gives us what we wanted, ‘coz He already given us what we need. Life is so much surprising, pleasantly or awfully. Don’t get urself so much screwed up with ur unsolved conflicts. Pray hard and never turn back off our Most Merciful. He is there always for us. Ask a hand from Him, and he shall give u more than u can ever imagine. Trust me. offtorest. Assalamualaikum n selamat bermujahadah.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


fcuking things happened a lot. n 4 sure, it will be hard fcuking times 4 me to face them. people talk rubbish r bullshits. n they caused annoyance lots in my life. sometimes, i bare to take them positively but most, i hated them. people often said that i'm snobbish, but frankly i'm not. take hands of yours n grab mine, u shall know the beauty of my grasp. try lah! u would be amused by that. :) people said, a friend in need, is a friend indeed. some put trust in friendships, some may not. for me, i do put trust in my friendships, i love them all. just, when times come as we really need a person by our side, most would disappear, n that's when i turn back off friendships. standing on my own feet, staying in own dream world. people might say that i'm egoistic and hard-headed person, but i believe i'm not. i'm saying words that i believe in n i have faith on them. that's is me.
sometimes when things happened were not accordingly to what u wanted, thus u said that life is unfair. yups, life is. only Allah is fair and just yet He knows what are the best things for His servants. like seriously, it is we that make lives become unfair. be humble n grateful, that's a key to shape a good personality. don't say that u know, when actually u don't. don't say u capable, when actually u r unable. don't pretend that u're smart, which exactly u r dumb. life is a lifetime learning process. don't act smart 'coz actually, u r NOT. admit it when u commit mistakes idiot, susah sgt ke? haish... pelik! hiding mistakes is so stupid DUMB ASS. amek kau. geram nie! haha. :) but, patience is virtue right?sabar,sabar,sabar. Allah is with me n Allah surely gives 'hikmah' after this. insyAllah... :) imy take care...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

gendang gendut cakap berapi

Haish, nie yg nak marah nie. KL gangster keluar 2 hari lepas, tup2 ade kes nak saman menyaman plak. Ape cite bro? adoiyai… take it simple suda. Xyah nak kecoh sgt2 la. Kalau duk tuduh Pengarah filem tu dok bongkar kod rahsia persatuan korg, ape je faedah yg korg dapat? Aiyok. Sekadar nak kata maaf jek? Point ko??? Haha… jgn cepat tuding jari, melenting sana sini. Elok lah cermin diri, refleksi diri. Lagi bagus! C’mon bro, persatuan dakwah Islam… dakwah bro. dakwah! Hbs tu kod rahsia ape yg korg ckp nie? Wahyu Al-Quran pun Allah x rahsiakan. Ini korg dok sebok2 pertahankan kod rahsia yg ntah ape2 tu. Bkn la komentar pasal identiti persatuan korang yg GAH tu, cume, fikirlah sejenak… ade ape hal la pada nama? tanggungjawab korg buat, betul ke? Dunia sume ni. DUNIA! Nama yg korg bawak itu terlalu besar untuk memandang serius hal kod2 nie. Haha. Mcm x matang pun ade jgak. Sudah la… bawak2 la beristigfar. Umat islam makin hancur salah satu nye sebab persatuan2 macm nie n pengarah2 filem macm tu. Faham? Ppfffttt… semalam tgk berita kat tv. Ayok. PM berucap gile superb. Huhu. Salute la pak PM. Cume 1 nak tny… sebelum berucap tu, ade cermin diri x? mandi bunge ke? Cuci gigi ke? Haish… tampak kosong n rapuh pengucapan beliau. Bertindak tidak semudah berbicara. Isunya, masalah umat islam. Umat ISLAM! Dan beliau adalah pemimpin umat Islam yg disegani di dunia. SubhanAllah. Tang mana ek yg disegani tu? Confuse beta! Haha. Sokay la. U may say whatever u want, but do bear in mind that people analyze ur words la. So, CAUTION when u speak. U cakp umat Islam kne perbetulkan diri sendiri dulu. Baru bleh jadik sekuat sahabat2 n umat islam zaman Rasulullah. Okay, fine. Ur words were true. CLEAR true! But have you been implementing that to urself. Jgn la ckp x serupa bikin. Malu kat org aih… haha. K la, akhir kata, hiasi diri, jaga peribadi. insyAllah. Assalamualaikum. =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

090606 (>_<)

Allah has set up everything beautifully for me and you. On this very memorable date, ever since the last 5 years, every each and single thing happened between us was really unforgettable. I was suffocating terribly in this dream world because of being failed to pay Allah his love in return. I was hanged breathless. SubhanAllah, He had wake me up from this long sweet dream. And I am so much grateful for that. I was drowning in this world helplessly my dear, but Alhamdulillah, by the time I turn back to Him, He is always there for me. Let us work this together into His path. I am indeed wanting of having the love for you because of Allah. Because this war needs us to stand and fight and we have to win this. insyAllah

Our hands are beautiful. I'm afraid to hold them close, now. cause if one day we are meant to be together, I promise you I will hold them tight till Jannah. Your hijab is wonderful, I couldn't even see a hair of yours. But i promise you, if we are meant to be together, my secrets will be yours to keep, and yours will be mine to keep. insyAllah

Patience is virtue, dear. When the right time comes, if Allah wills it, nothing will get in the way. (Quoting someone), "Anda mendapat syurga sebelum kahwin, Allah swt akan tarik syurga lepas kahwin". So, do it right, get His blessings, then a happily-ever after will be ours, insyaAllah. And in Islam, it is not "till death do us part", it is "till we meet again in Jannah". Assalamualaikum.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Charles Darwin had once said that, humans are the evolution from apes called homo-sapiens whatsoever, which I think that he made a big flaw of his life by saying so. Poor him, ‘coz his theory was good for nothing. If his real intention of coming out with that such freaky rubbish theory was to confuse people n made the Muslims off from the truth track teach by Quran, therefore he was a just not more than a failure. C’mon guys, Quran taught us that this world life started ever since Adam was sent down to Earth, and obviously Adam was a human, the father of all mankind. So, how the hell on earth humans were started to evolve from that disgusting apes freak? And u got like the idiotic homo-sapiens evolution timeline which I assume that u were creating theory for your apes’ family yourself, that is an absolute contradiction to what Allah said in the Quran. Adam started the human history on Earth, he started it all and nothing may deny that. He is our great3 ancestors, n u too Charles, the son of Adam. hey, you know what? People are becoming so much more educated, plenty researches were done, many discoveries were revealed, the world has been explored for new knowledge and your theory was then proven WRONG! Pffttt… haha. And just that our youngsters, school children, kids are being introduced with this kind of human evolution methodology which eventually confused them! NEVER let this happen parents. Kids need to be taught the real things from Quran. Kids need to be protected from all the mislead facts. Teach them to know Quran, teach them to understand Quran, teach them to have all faith in Quran n teach them to practice what Quran urges us to do. Let us work this together. Homo-sapiens no more!! insyAllah. =)